We like to think we offer one of the better poker tables in Detroit, but almost as much as we enjoy offering you one of the best nightspots in the city, we also like to educate people every now and again.

Don’t worry, it isn’t on anything boring in fact, today we’ve got a topic we think is a big favorite among most of our guests: poker! We’ve all seen it, we’ve all played it, we can all remember a favorite movie where poker played a big part. But that’s just the beginning! Below, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite fun facts about poker, its history, and its origins:

Poker Is As American As Apple Pie…Or Gumbo?: Like most card games and table games out there, poker has a pretty long history that blends together rules from a lot of older different card games, primarily a French game called poque. As more people came to live in the French territory of Louisiana, the rules of the game evolved (more on that in a second) and English-speaking players wound calling the game “poker”, and the name stuck!

Poker Used To Only Use 20 Cards: This might come as something of a shock to anyone used to the comparatively massive 52-card decks we use nowadays, but in its earlier incarnations it actually only used to use a deck of 20. Each player was dealt five cards and bets would be placed on whose hand was better – not too different from how we do it now, but with the added wrinkle that you’ve got way fewer cards to work. The first recorded example of a game of poker using the standard 52-card deck was all the way back in 1834, and we’ve been using it ever since!

It Never Used To Have Chips: In the earlier days of the game, there weren’t standardized chips to indicate bet sizes the way we know of them now. In fact, people used to just set whatever random stuff they had with them on the table; gold nuggets, coins, gold teeth, anything of value! The earliest gaming houses and casinos had started crafting their chips out of a variety of materials, and in the early 1900s manufacturers had caught wind of the idea and started making standardized clay chips to help keep everything a little more familiar looking.

It Was One Of The First Games Played On TV: Other card games have gotten popular enough to have their own major tournaments, but only the World Series of Poker had enough drama to fill in a TV broadcast! In 1973, three years after the debut of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, CBS televised the entire tournament for viewers all over America. The first place winner took home $130,000 – a good amount now, but that was huge in the 70s!

It’s More Popular Than You Might Think: The non-profit organization Poker Players Alliance recently did a study into how many Americans consider themselves to be frequent poker players, and even knowing how popular the game is already the numbers might be kind of surprising. The study cited that approximately 70 million Americans regularly play poker live or online – which is over 20% of the entire population. Pretty shocking, right?

But hey, you don’t have  to just sit here reading about it! Why not pop down to our Detroit casino and give it a try yourself? You’ll probably find out what all 70 million other poker players have already known!