Interactive gamers, casino lovers, and anyone looking for the next big night out in Detroit, your time has come! Greektown Casino is proud to announce the future of social interactive gaming: Synergy Table Games!

Combining traditional casino table games with the cutting edge of luxury electronic gaming, Synergy brings an all-new social experience to Greektown. It all starts when you step into the stadium-style Synergy gaming arena, boasting 48 individual play stations with their own 27” video displays, all connected to a massive video wall across the arena.

“But wait”, we hear you asking, “what makes this different from the other electronic table games you already offer?” We haven’t even gotten to the really awesome part yet. Synergy Table Games takes these table games and combines them with a live dealer at the front of the room, creating the first of its kind anywhere in the world! That’s right, there’s nowhere else on Earth you can find interconnected table games playing alongside a live dealer, all in the same arena!

Better yet, the unique nature of Synergy’s gaming arena also adds a big social element to the games. Each of the play stations are connected with one another, letting you play with others in the same game and it even allows you to chat with your friends on different machines. This way you can enjoy the social aspects of your favorite table games without ever having to leave your play station!

Of course, with the different amount of games you can be playing, why would you want to leave? Each one of the machines can play one of four table games: blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and craps. You can stick with your favorites, try something new, and best of all you can switch between them at any time! In the middle of a roulette spin when a friend of yours hits you up for a hand of blackjack? Flip on over to the in-progress blackjack game and play along – and then switch right back! Each of the games combines automated play, video interactivity, and live dealers to provide a gaming experience unlike any other you’ve seen…and it’s available only at Greektown.

So what are you waiting for? Come check out the world-exclusive, rocket-powered gaming that only Synergy Table Games can offer and count yourself among the first in the world to experience interconnected gaming like never before!