The worst part about going anywhere fun is finding somewhere to park, isn’t it? You’re either stuck trying to parallel park two blocks away from where you’re going, you’re miles away from your destination in some crowded parking lot trying to remember if you parked in H2 or J2, or – worse – stuck in the back of a stinky taxicab or some stranger’s Uber. Shudder.

We get how hard it can be to park somewhere during a big night out, so here at Greektown we decided to help out our guests. Located at 555 E Lafayette St, connected to our main Detroit casino location, our parking garage is monitored, spacious, and the perfect place to keep your car while you enjoy all of our restaurants and attractions! However long you plan on staying and whatever you’re coming to visit us for – dinner, a quick poker hand, a night in our Detroit hotel – our parking garage is located right nearby, offers flexible pricing, and is a safe and secure place to leave your car, no matter how long you’re going to be here for.

And if you’re a hotel guest, we can make it even easier on you! Any guest at Greektown hotel also has the option to use our valet parking service, located at 1200 St. Antoine St right inside the hotel. Our valet drivers can keep your car safe and watched over during your stay, and they can get it right back to you when it’s time to hit the town!

The next time you’re headed to our casino, our hotel, or anything in between, our parking garage and valet service are right there and ready to welcome you to Greektown!