One of the advantages of having a wide selection of casino table games is that you’re always going to find a new game to try. Even the most experienced hands at card games might start looking for new games to play after spending time with their old poker and blackjack favorites, and here at Greektown we’ve always got something fun waiting right around the corner – like our Let It Ride poker style tables!

Let It Ride is a table game based upon poker (and closely related to five-card stud if you want to get specific) is a recently-introduced casino game, at least when compared to other forms of poker; as opposed to poker which might have come around sometime in the 1800s, Let It Ride was first played in casinos as recently as 1993. It was invented by a man named John Breeding, a former truck driver who had also invented an automatic shuffling machine to help blackjack dealers, and after finding fast popularity in casinos around Breeding’s hometown of Reno, Nevada it started to spread to other casinos all throughout America.

As a variation of five-card stud, Let It Ride works similarly to other forms of poker in that each player has to make the best hand possible in order to beat the house. Wagers are placed in groups of three chips all containing the same chip value, and then each player is dealt three cards and two are set aside as “community cards”. The game gets its name from how these wagers are handled; each player is given the chance to reduce their wager before the two community cards are flipped over and revealed, and if a player decides to keep their wager at the original amount they’re being said to – you guessed it! – let it ride.

After the bets have been placed, the dealer starts from their left and deals everyone one card, then reveals a community card, then deals everyone one last card to get to their full five. After the last community card if slipped, everyone’s hands are compared and the winner (or winners, in the event of ties or several comparable hands) are chosen!

Sounds pretty easy so far, right? Don’t get us wrong – there’s plenty of depth to Let It Ride just like there is all the good casino games, but it’s fair to say a lot of people pick Let It Ride since the games tend to be a little slower-paced than typical poker hands, which makes it a great call for anyone new to card games or maybe just someone looking to play at a little more leisurely pace. Whatever your reasons for coming down to our Detroit casino, if you drop in for a quick round of Let It Ride, we think you just might like it!