Sometimes there’s few decisions you’ll face in your day more important than “what am I going to have for dinner?” And with the number of restaurants popping up all over Detroit these days it sometimes feels like your options are limitless!

This goes double for Greektown, a neighborhood long known for its varieties of restaurant choices. We took a look around at all the different options available in our little neighborhood and we decided to try and offer the same same sort of variety and choice, except with one convenient twist – you don’t even have to leave the casino to get to them!

To make sure our casino and hotel guests can find exactly what they’re in the mood for, we offer four distinct restaurants, each with their own distinct menus and selections so you know there’s always something new to try! Curious to see what we’ve got to offer? Here’s a quick rundown of our four restaurants and what you can look forward to at each one:

PRISM: For anyone looking for an upscale steakhouse experience, PRISM is the place to go for award-winning fine dining. And we do mean that literally – PRISM has been the recipient of several awards from Hour Detroit Magazine, including “Best Steak House” and “Best Happy Hour”. We could go on about the live music and accompaniment the restaurant offers, as well as the varied menu ranging from appetizers to dessert and everything in-between, but we think these awards – and the dining experience that only PRISM can offer – speak for themselves. Why not book a reservation and find out for yourself?

Stack’d: But what if you’re not in the mood for anything too fancy? Maybe you want to take a break from your casino games and eat in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere? If you just want to grab a burger and relax, Stack’d is for you! A wide casual menu offers a fix for any craving, from pizza to sandwiches and many more. Stack’d is perfect for anyone who just wants to unwind and grab a bite to eat.

Market District: One of the hardest parts of deciding where to go for dinner is figuring out what you want in the first place – and maybe the restaurant you go to just doesn’t have what you wanted? Greektown Casino offers a great way to avoid that problem with the Market District food court! Located right by the walkway to our valet garage, the Market District offers five distinct restaurants with their own menus, ranging from Italian to Asian to classic deli selections and even a coffeehouse with dessert! The Market District is perfect for those moments where you just can’t make up your mind.

Bistro 555: Of course, sometimes you just want to try a little of everything. We know how it feels to be in the mood for several different things at once, so with that in mind we offer up Bistro 555! A selection of classic American fare offers something for every taste, and the menu expands through the day – a breakfast buffet available in the morning (perfect for our hotel guests!), an after-hours dining menu for those days the party stretches a little late, and a happy hour from 4pm-7pm with deals on drinks and exclusive appetizers!

We like to think that whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it at one of our casino restaurants. All you have to do is figure out what you’re in the mood to try – we’ll handle the rest.