Seems like everyone has a rewards or loyalty program lately, doesn’t it? You take a look through your purse or wallet and it seems like you’re constantly sorting through a pile of cards for supermarket discounts, gas station rewards, and whatever else you’ve signed up for and forgotten about.

We like to think our rewards program is maybe a little more interesting than all that. Our GT | Rewards program combines rewards points, restaurant offers and coupons, and much more to make your stay at Greektown that much more enjoyable.

Still on the fence about signing up? About to take your first trip to Greektown and want to know what being a member can do for you? Or maybe you’re just wondering what sets ours apart from all the other casino memberships out there? Take a look at some of the benefits we can offer our members:

Comps and cash back: It wouldn’t be a rewards card without you getting a little in return, right? The GT | Rewards card offers you the chance to play for comps to use at our casino, restaurants, and hotel or even cash back – all by playing your favorite casino games! (And depending on which membership level you’re at, you can even qualify for multipliers to increase your rewards!)

Hotel offers and guarantees: By being a member, you’re automatically given our Best Room Rate Guarantee whenever you book a room at the Greektown Hotel to make sure you get the best detail on our luxury accommodations we can offer. Better yet, you also qualify for our monthly room offers to get an even better value during your stay!

Dining bonuses: For any GT | Rewards member at the Gold level or higher, your membership helps out at our restaurants too! Members are given preferred seating and priority reservations, which means you’ll have an even easier time getting the best seat we can offer – no matter how busy it is.

Exclusive birthday offers: Any member at the Silver tier or higher gets exclusive offers on their birthday! Think of it as our way of saying happy birthday and to thank you for being a friend – and of course, to make spending your birthday with us a little sweeter when you get here.

Access to GT Connect: “But wait”, we hear you asking, “what if you don’t want to take a card with you everywhere?” We know your wallet or purse is already full of stuff, so we’ve rolled out the GT Connect program! This system allows you to connect your Android or iOS device to any given slot machine to sync up your GT | Rewards account, allowing faster access to your rewards without having to remember your card! Better yet, these stations also charge your phone while you’re there to prevent your phone battery dying while you’re enjoying everything Greektown has to offer!

This is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg. For more information on what GT Rewards can do for your casino-going experience, check out the club info page!