This time of year it seems like everyone is getting married, doesn’t it?

If you’re anything like us (and we’re sure you are) you’ve probably been seeing all kinds of pictures on social media of weddings involving friends, loved ones, distant relatives, classmates you haven’t spoken to in a decade, and any variety of strangers in bridesmaid dresses.

The one thing you might be noticing about these pictures is that every wedding starts to look…a little samey after a while. There’s always some nice white tents, there’s always a state park or a big backyard, and while these are nice sometimes you just wish someone would find a new venue for all these weddings you keep seeing pictures of.

That’s where we come in! If you’ve got a wedding you have to plan, or even if someone you know is getting married and they’re looking for suggestions, why not try weddings at Greektown Casino?

More than just an area for meeting rooms and conferences, Greektown Casino’s special events area includes all the facilities you might need to make your big day as perfect as it can be. We offer a 4,000 square foot Grand Ballroom for the ceremony, the reception, and everything in between, big enough to fit wedding parties of any size, no matter how many people your in-laws insist on having there.

We’ve got more than just a room to offer, though. A staff of professional planners will work alongside you to make sure your wedding is everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and will help take some of the weight out of your more difficult decisions (above and beyond where to sit everyone – face it, there’s no way out of that without things getting at least a little awkward). Our menu selections extend to wedding catering to make sure you still get the same high-quality dining experience for your wedding that you would while eating at PRISM, and our hotel accommodations are available for all of your guests to have a luxurious place to stay right upstairs from the wedding, which they’ll all be pretty grateful for at the end of the night, trust us.

Delicious catering, a spacious room for the ceremony, close hotels, and a picturesque view of Detroit – what else can you ask for in a wedding? Check out our hotel wedding packages and find the perfect spot for your upcoming wedding…or maybe just drop some subtle hints to your sister so she picks somewhere nice.