Everyone likes convenience, right?

And these days we’re getting a lot more used to it. Phone apps let you order pizza without having to talk to anyone, GPS means we never need to memorize directions or use a map, and the internet means pretty much everything we’d ever need to know is right at our fingertips, even if it’s something unimportant like “Oscar Winners for Best Musical”.

We understand this need for convenience, and in a lot of cases we totally agree with you. Sometimes life’s just better if you can get something done without getting out of your seat, particularly when you’re here enjoying some of our casino games. Why get out of your seat if you’re right in the middle of a game, right?

To help with that, we’ve rolled out a lot of features for GT|Rewards members to help keep them right in the middle of the action without having to move an inch from your game. Check out a few common hassles you might encounter, and how Greektown can solve those issues for you without you having to go anywhere!

The Problem: Using Your Rewards Card
Even if you remembered to bring it with you, there’s a good chance your rewards card is buried in your purse, tucked into a wallet, or somewhere equally inconvenient. And what if you accidentally leave it somewhere?
The Solution: GT CONNECT
GT CONNECT, our new phone app available on iTunes and Google Play, allows you to access your Greektown Rewards account right there from your phone! Just plug your phone straight into whatever slot machine you’re playing and access your rewards & points just like you would with the physical card. You’re going to have your phone with you anyway, why not make it a little more helpful while you’re here?

The Problem: Low Phone Battery
It’s something we all face sooner or later. You’re out at Greektown, having a great time checking out our games and restaurants, when you suddenly get that pesky “in one hour and 45 minutes your phone will die” warning. What are you supposed to do, run home and plug it in?The Solution: USB Chargers In Our Games!
Not only can you charge your phone without leaving the casino floor, you can even charge it without leaving the game itself! Many of our slot machines have USB ports in them that can be used to charge your phone and let you access your GT Rewards account right from your phone! On longer trips, you’ll be glad it’s there – trust us!

The Problem: Drink Ran Out
Whatever you preference, everyone gets thirsty sometimes. While we do have several conveniently-located bars, restaurants, and soda machines throughout the casino, what can you do if you’re settled in for a long game and don’t want to risk losing your seat?
The Solution: The BEV Button!
In addition to the USB chargers, our machines are now equipped with a beverage button! Simply press the button, select your drink of choice, and wait for it to show up! The progress bar will tell you how close you are to delivery, and all you have to do in the meantime is kick back, enjoy your game, and wait for your drink to arrive

With these GT|Rewards options, the only reason you’ll ever have to get up out of your seat is to find another game to try! (Or, you know, use the bathroom.)