It’s an old cliche now, but it’s true – these days,  technology has impacted our lives in nearly endless ways.

Communication is easier, shopping has become more streamlined (and yet more varied) than ever before, and there’s a seemingly endless supply of dog pictures to look at. Casinos have been affected by these changes just like everything else, from major changes in the way some games are played to more subtle tweaks and enhancements to the overall casino experience.

Let’s get specific! Here’s five ways that technology has changed the way casinos work, the way you play games, and the way Greektown keeps up with changing trends in the world of entertainment:

Arcade games & video monitors: With as commonplace as video games are these days (people have them on their watches, for crying out loud) it might be tough to remember a time when video games were a revolutionary new trend. Back in those days, a lot of casinos saw video arcades as pretty stiff competition due to the novelty of their technology, so they took a chance and started to make a lot of their games more arcade-like with things like monitors and increased interactivity. We’ve taken this concept a little further ourselves with the multiplayer options of SYNERGY, offering each player their own station that can connect with any other station in the area – imagine doing that in an arcade when you were a kid! It may not be Pac-Man, but every time you slide up to a video poker machine or a slot machine with a video screen in it, you’re looking at the casino version of arcade games.

Smartphone apps: Sure, a lot of games on iTunes or the Play Store might offer some form of blackjack to help you kill time, but smartphones have actually changed the way you can interact with the casino itself! Many casinos offer smartphone apps that interact with their membership programs or loyalty rewards, such as the GT|Rewards app. These apps take the place of those easy-to-lose membership cards and can offer you a much more varied and rewarding experience at casinos. And it’s convenient, too – you’re going to have your phone with you anyway, right?

Touchscreens: Remember some six, seven years ago when touchscreens were a unique novelty before they’d reached full saturation on phones, video games, laptops, and even TVs? Casinos sure do, but there’s a lot of games that use touch screens to simplify their games and provide better interactivity over just pressing a few buttons or pulling the lever on a slot machine. A lot of video poker, video blackjack, slot machines, and even some roulette tables these days include touchscreens, and even now it’s still impressive to think that the idea has come so far.

And who knows what else the future holds? A lot of places are trying out that whole crazy virtual reality thing, bringing slot machines into a much more collaborative and immersive space. And who knows? Maybe you’ll see the next big technological development right here at Greektown Casino!