We’ve always been pretty happy with how our GT | Rewards app turned out, but we have to admit we do like getting some positive feedback from the people that use it!

Even among all the enthusiastic reviews we’ve gotten from our guests since its launch, we’re particularly proud to announce that the GT | Rewards app has been given a Silver Romero Award!

The Romero Awards, named for casino marketing pioneer John Romero, honor any gaming operator or facility that displays inventiveness in casino technology, marketing, and guest experience across a variety of fields.

As you can probably imagine (since everyone has an app these days), the field for apps and technology gets pretty crowded – over 120 entries submitted to the same category as our GT | Rewards app alone! A panel of judges with decades of combined marketing experience reviewed each entry and selected our app for the Silver Romero Award, citing the convenience and flexibility it offers.

You know, not to boast, but we can’t help but agree with them. The app does a lot – it serves as your player’s card, it lets you pay for food and drinks with comps, it shows you exclusive offers, it even lets you find your favorite slot machines!

A lot of our guests have already recognized this and downloaded the app to enhance their casino experience, but it’s nice to get an extra bit of recognition from the Romero Awards (and an award is always nice, right?).

Haven’t tried it out yourself yet? Head on over to the GT | Rewards App download page, or find it on Google Play or iTunes today and see what all the fuss is about!