Here at Greektown Casino Hotel, we offer a lot of things – top flight hotel rooms, fantastic dining options, tons of fun casino games, and much more.

But we know sometimes you need to get away from all the hustle and bustle, not head right towards it. And there’s few things that can relax you more than a few nights out of the house, right? You’re far away from your troubles, you don’t have any dishes or laundry to do for a change, all you need to do is enjoy your time off and rest up.

So maybe you’re coming to Greektown Casino and you’re really just looking to unwind and refresh. While a good night’s sleep always helps, we’ve got something we think can really help you relax – packages for a trip to Woodhouse Day Spa Detroit!

Woodhouse Day Spa, once named the top day spa chain in America by DaySpa Magazine, has partnered with Greektown Casino to offer all our guests the chance to relax and rejuvenate in one of the best spa settings Detroit has to offer! Combining facials, skincare and waxing, massages, and even sleep treatments, Woodbridge offers tired travelers just what they need to freshen up after a long work week.

Better yet, you don’t even need to schedule it separately! Among our hotel packages includes an offer to give you deluxe guestroom accommodations, credit to Woodhouse, and transportation there and back so you don’t even have to drive yourself! This package gives you the best of both worlds: a night at Greektown Casino and a trip to the best day spa in the city. Exactly what you need to get ready to face the real world again, right? (At least until your next stay at Greektown.)

While you’re at Woodhouse, enjoying the aromatic scents and soft music, far away from the crowded sidewalks and noise of Woodward Avenue outside, you’ll have a night at Greektown Casino to look forward to when you get back. If there’s a more relaxing way to spend your time in Detroit, we certainly haven’t heard of it.