When you think about popular areas for casinos, a few places probably come to mind: Las Vegas, Reno, hopefully our little corner of Greektown…

You might be surprised to learn, however, exactly how widespread casinos really are and how many of them are out there, vying for your time and attention (and money!) throughout the entire U.S. of A. We recently did a survey of casinos throughout the country to see what states had the most casinos, how much money they made, and more!

Check out our handy infographic below to see what we found:

Infographic made by Greektown Casino that details the states with the highest amount of casinos

Surprised to see some of those results? So were we! Sure, Nevada coming in first place for both the highest number of casinos per state and highest per capita (that is, per number of residents in each state) but I don’t think any of us were expecting to see Oklahoma coming in second – granted, kind of a distant second, but it’s pretty hard to keep up with the casino promised land of Nevada sometimes. On a personal note we were also pretty happy to see Michigan crack the top 10, and we’re proud to call our neighborhood in Detroit home.

The stats get a little more interesting from there – the per capita statistics, or the amount of casinos per 1,000 residents of the state, break it down a little farther. Nevada is, again, coming out ahead (because of course they’re going to) but you see the rankings kind of change after that – South Dakota and Oklahoma aren’t too far behind simply thanks to the amount of people in each state, since even though California has a good amount of casinos there’s just so many people  that live there!

We’ll let you take a look at the infographic to decide for yourself, but it begs the question: who do you think might be King of Casinos in the future? Will Nevada keep the crown, or will our little mitten up here start to catch up? Only time will tell…