Here at Greektown, we always want to offer the widest range of high-quality restaurants to cater to any taste or mood.

And while we try to serve up a vast assortment of meals and staples between our various restaurant choices like PRISM and Bistro 555, we’re always trying to find a way to serve up even more appetizing meal options. Sometimes that means revamping a menu, sometimes that means doing exclusive meals for a holiday or other special occasion, and sometimes that means bringing in all-new restaurants.

By now you’ve probably noticed that Market District has been getting some major renovations, and while all your old favorites are still available down in Market District Express we’re excited to show you what we’re (pardon the pun) cooking up for the future!

Market District is going to become the all-new Monroe Market, featuring six all-new fast casual restaurants to bring a new wave of snacks, meals, and everything in-between to Greektown Casino. The same speed, quality, and service you always got from Market District will still be there, but now it’s coming with an all-new setting and six brand-new restaurants to pick from!

We don’t want to totally spoil the surprises just yet, but we can tell you that one of the restaurants is going to be an all-new ramen bar! Featuring both traditional Japanese meals and your old favorites with a new Detroit twist, the ramen bar will serve noodles, sushi rolls, and even nigiri (a type of sushi serving raw fish over a bed of rice) and sashimi (a thin slice of raw fish or meat served over a bed of vegetables).

The changes aren’t just coming to the Market District, either. We’re also planning a brand-new bar for the casino floor itself, specializing in Michigan- and Detroit-made beers and wine, as well as your favorite imported drinks and classic cocktails! We know Michigan has a lot to offer these days when it comes to drinks, and we’re happy to show off some locally-produced beer and wine in a new bar right where the action is.

These changes will be coming to Greektown over the next few months, and we can’t wait to show it all off when it’s finished. In the meantime, all your current Greektown favorites are right where you left them, whenever the mood should strike you – come on down and grab a bite!