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Casino Table Games

Beat the odds. Whether you want to roll the dice or play the spinning the wheel, claim your seat and get in the game. We’ve got so many exciting games just waiting to be discovered. Learn how to master all your favorite games and ignite your passion for the new variations on Blacjack, Roulette, Craps and more. Check out all the different ways you can play.
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All your favorite games


This is a classic game in which the player tries to draw to 21, or closer to 21, than the dealer, without going over (busting). Each player is dealt two cards face up, and then is allowed to hit (take another card) or stay (play that hand). The dealer starts with two cards as well, but one is face up and the other face down. Face cards (Jack, Queen, King) are worth 10, and Aces are worth 1 or 11 (player’s choice). Receiving an Ace and a 10 on your first two cards is the lucrative hand known as “blackjack.” Additional bets like “splitting” and “doubling down” are also available on certain hands.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

A Perfect Pairs wager is a bet that wins if the first two cards dealt to a hand are a pair. It wins with any pair, regardless of rank or suit; however, the payout odds vary depending upon which type of pair it is. A Perfect Pairs wager loses if the first 2 cards dealt to a hand are not a pair.

This is achieved because the players place their bets on Perfect Pairs at the same time as they place their regular Blackjack Bets. After the completion of the initial deal of 2 cards to each player, the dealer collects all losing Perfect Pairs Bets and then pays all winning Perfect Pairs Bets. Accordingly, all Perfect Pairs Bets have been dealt with prior to the players making any decisions on the way they are to play their hands. The object of the game is for the player’s hand to beat the dealer’s hand by getting a higher card total that is closer to, but does not exceed, the count of 21. A hand that exceeds the count of 21 is called a busted hand. Cards are counted at their face value with all face cards and 10’s having a point value of ten. Aces may be used as 1 or 11. Optional Bonus Wager a player may make is the Perfect Pairs Bonus Wager. Only $1.00 to $25.00 wagers will be accepted. There are 3 different types of pairs and the payout odds vary accordingly.

They are:
1. A “Mixed Pair.” A pair that is comprised of 1 red card and 1 black card.Example – 3 (Hearts) 3 (Spades)
2. A “Colored Pair.” A pair that is comprised of 2 cards that are different suits, with both cards being either red-suited cards or both cards being black-suited cards. Example – 8 (Clubs) 8 (Spades)
3. A “Perfect Pair.” An identical pair. Example – Q (Diamond) Q (Diamond)


TriLux BJ with Lucky George

TriLux Blackjack is an optional bonus bet for blackjack that considers your first two cards and the dealer’s up-card.

To begin each round, make a standard blackjack wager. You may also make the TriLux Bonus wager. The dealer then follows house procedures for blackjack. Once you have two cards, the dealer settles the TriLux bonus wagers. See paytable for payouts.

Lucky George Dealer Envy: Bonus payouts paid directly to the dealer’s tip pool when a qualifying hand is hit.

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The Best Table Games Action

Double Deck Blackjack

Double Deck Blackjack is played the same as a traditional Blackjack shoe game with the following exceptions:

  • Aces may only be split one time for a total of two hands and will only receive one additional card. All other pairs may be split up to three times for a total of four hands.
  • 6 Card Charlie automatic win is not offered on Double Deck Blackjack.
  • A Blackjack pays 6 to 5 (ex: $15 wager wins $18 on a Blackjack).


Roulette is a fun and simple game that provides exciting action. The player will exchange currency for non-value Roulette chips or may play with value chips. Players will utilize these chips to make various wagers on different numbers throughout the Roulette layout. Roulette offers a wide variety of bets: Straight Up Bets, where you bet on a single number; Combination Bets, where you split your bets on adjoining numbers; Red or Black, Odd or Even, and many others. The placement of wagers will determine how much will be paid out (see the payout chart).

You play with your individually colored chips, good only at the table where they were issued. The value of these chips depends on the amount of your Buy-In. Each betting cycle begins with the dealer spinning a ball in the opposite direction of the revolving roulette wheel head. Bets may be placed until the dealer announces “no more bets.” When the ball comes to rest, the dealer marks the winning number, and all bets which correspond to this number are paid.

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Place Your Bets

Craps with Fire Bet

A lively Craps game is the ultimate when it comes to fun and excitement. In this fast-paced game, there are many ways to bet and just as many ways to win! It’s as simple as placing a bet on the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line and your fun begins!

Crapless Craps with Fire Bet

Crapless Craps is a version of a standard dice game without the possibility of losing on the Come Out roll. It is played almost exactly the same except there are 10 numbers called point numbers. They are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. All rolls made prior to the player tossing one of the point numbers will be referred to as the Come Out roll, regardless of whether it is the first, second or third roll, or any roll thereafter. The wager wins if the Come Out roll is 7.

Dragon Bonus Baccarat

There are two variations of Baccarat; Midi-Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat. Both versions of the game are played with only two hands; Player and Banker, and the objective is to wager on the hand that will have the highest total at the end of the round. The difference lie in the game style; players have the option of handling the cards on Midi-Baccarat.

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Grab Your winning seat

Three-Card Poker, Six-Card Bonus

Three-Card Poker is a form of Stud Poker. The game is comprised of two independent betting options.

Three-Card Poker, Six-Card Bonus features an optional bonus side bet. This side bet is based on the best five-card poker hand that can be made from the six cards dealt to the Dealer and Player. Thus, each Player uses his own three cards and combines them with the Dealer’s three cards. This Player is eligible to win this wager even if he folds his Ante/Play wager. This side bet is paid according to a posted pay table. Players must make their standard wagers and, if they like, the Six-Card Bonus Wager.

Let it Ride with Three-Card Bonus Poker

Let It Ride with 3-Card Bonus is a form of stud poker. Players do not play against the dealer or any other players. Each player must place 3 equal bets for each hand. Each player receives 3 cards. The dealer deals out 2 community cards in front of the chip tray. The player’s 3 cards and the 2 community cards will make up the player’s 5-card poker hand.

After looking at the first 3 cards, the player may ask for the first bet back or may choose to let it stay in action. After the player has chosen, the dealer will expose 1 community card. The player may then either ask for the second bet back, or he/she may choose to let it stay in action. After the player has decided, he/she will place 3 cards beside remaining bets. The dealer will then expose the final card.

Mississippi Stud 3 Card Bonus

The 3 Card Bonus side bet is based on the three community cards ONLY. The 3 Card Bonus will receive action regardless of if the player folds their hand. If the player has placed a wager on the 3 Card Bonus side bet and folds, the dealer will remove the original MS Stud wager(s) and tuck the folded cards under the player’s 3 Card Bonus side bet. Players win with at least a pair or better. All general rules of the game can be found in the Gaming Guide under Mississippi Stud. See the paytable below for odds on the optional 3 Card Bonus side bet.

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Beat the Odds

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

Ultimate Texas Hold ’Em features heads-up play against the dealer and an optional bonus bet. This game gives you several advantages:

  • The earlier you bet, the more you can bet.
  • You don’t have to fold until you see all the community cards.
  • The Trips bonus pays odds if your final 5-card hand is a 3 of a kind or better. 

High Card Flush

High Card Flush is a house-banked card game played with a standard 52-card deck of playing cards. The object of the game is for the player to achieve more cards of the same suit (Flush) than the dealer, both using seven cards dealt. High Card Flush also contains optional bonus wagers, which are won if the player’s hand achieves a predetermined winning event posted on the corresponding paytables. Casino operators choose which wagers they will offer and the minimum and maximum wagering limits.

Dragon Bonus Commission Free Baccarat

The game play for Dragon Bonus Commission Free Baccarat is the same as Dragon Bonus Baccarat with the following two exceptions:
  • Banker bets push if they win with a three-card total of 7.
  • Winning Banker bets are not charged commission. 
This game features two optional side bets. The Dragon Bonus side bet is played the same as in Dragon Bonus Baccarat. The Fortune 7 bet wins and pays 40 to 1, if the Banker wins with a three-card total of 7 points.