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Responsible Gaming



Greektown Casino, L.L.C.’s (“Greektown Casino”) commitment to responsible gaming is adopted into and flows through into its philosophy and culture. Greektown’s long-standing commitment to responsible gaming is evidenced through its intention to ensure that all guests are gaming for the right reasons and through its on-going support to programs promoting responsible gaming.

Greektown continues to serve as an advocate for promoting responsible gaming. Greektown’s success involves a proactive approach to responsible gaming.



Greektown supports the Michigan Department of Community Health’s efforts in promoting responsible gaming. In fact, Greektown supports research on responsible gaming through on-going financial contributions to the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Greektown’s funding to assist health service agencies, councils, and seminars continues year-to-year through its funding efforts. At a minimum, Greektown’s responsibility to its gamblers is promoted by:

  • Educating its team members through a variety of programs on responsible gaming;
  • Hosting/Dedicating a Responsible Gaming Literature Week for team members;
  • Providing information to its team members regarding resources available;
  • Advertising responsibly;
  • Providing helpline numbers on promotional and advertising materials responsibly; and
  • Supporting governmental agencies involved in responsible gaming awareness and research.

Additionally, knowing gambling problems may reach the other side of the game, Greektown provides confidential, no-cost counseling assistance for its team members through Greektown’s Team Member Assistance Program.


Responsible Gaming

Some guests cannot gamble in a responsible manner. Most compulsive gamblers will be able to answer “Yes” to at least seven of the twenty questions below, which include:

  • Do you lose time from work because of gambling?
  • Is gambling making your home life unhappy?
  • Is gambling affecting your reputation?
  • Have you ever felt remorse after gambling?
  • Do you ever gamble to get money to pay debts or otherwise solve financial difficulties?
  • Does gambling cause a decrease in your ambition or efficiency?
  • After losing, do you feel you must return as soon as possible to win back your losses?
  • After winning, do you have a strong urge to return and win again?
  • Do you often gamble until your last dollar is gone?
  • Do you ever borrow to finance your gambling?
  • Have you ever sold anything to finance your gambling?
  • Are you reluctant to use “Gambling money” for normal expenditures?
  • Does gambling make you careless of the welfare of yourself or your family?
  • Do you ever gamble longer than you have planned?
  • Do you ever gamble to escape worry or trouble?
  • Have you ever committed or considered committing an illegal act to in order to finance gambling?
  • Does gambling cause you to have difficulty sleeping?
  • Do arguments, disappointments, or frustrations create with you an urge to gamble?
  • Do you have an urge to celebrate any good fortune with a few hours of gambling?
  • Have you ever considered self-destruction as a result of your gambling?


Helplines and Additional Resources

If a guest (i) bets more than the guest can afford to lose or (ii) answered “yes” to more than seven of the questions above, a serious issue exists. Compulsive gambling does not discriminate. If you or someone you know might have a gambling problem, either the Nation
al Center for Responsible Gaming or the Michigan Problem Gambling Helpline can provide assistance. The helplines are strictly confidential, and counselors can provide the necessary help and support needed. Individuals may call the national, toll-free helpline at 800-522-4700 (24 hours a day) or the Michigan Department of Community Health, toll-free helpline at 800-270-7117 (24 hours a day). In addition, below are links to several additional resources:

Effective: July 1, 2014